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Dangerous Driving

If you have been charged with Dangerous Driving you need an experienced lawyer to defend you.


Dangerous Driving is a Criminal Code offence. If convicted you automatically loose your license for a full year.

Dangerous Driving Definition

  • the driver is accused of driving a motor vehicle with “wanton and reckless disregard for the lives and safety of others”.

  • the dangerous driving must occur in a public place where there is a likelihood of people being present.

  • there does not have to be anyone actually present for the offence of dangerous driving to be committed.

Dangerous Driving Penalties

As a criminal charge, the penalties for a conviction of dangerous driving will affect the livelihood and ability to drive a motor vehicle, and include;

  • Criminal record for life,

  • Mandatory one-year drivers licence suspension, and

  • Possibility of jail

  • Fines

  • Criminal Probation

  • Dramatic insurance rates for at least five (5) years


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